Packaging Instructions For Fragile Products

You are responsible for ensuring that merchandise is sufficiently protected from damage during transit and delivery to a Shipwire distribution center. This requires shipping cartons that are adequately packed for shipment.

1. For cartons containing glass or plastic bottles, use dividers to protect the merchandise from breakage or crushing. Fragile items should be individually packed in cartons that will protect them from being damaged.

2. Unless otherwise specified, do not use any fillers such as confetti paper, cardboard, tissue paper, etc., to fill up empty space within the cartons. Void fill should be limited to inflated air bags, packing peanuts, or kraft paper.

3.  If the product itself is heavier than 12 kg or bulky grip holes should be added either on both sides / opposite ends (suggested size 30 x 100 mm)

4. If the product weight exceeds 20 kg the box has to be handled by two people and thus grip holes must be added to the box to facilitate this